1. Very impressed

    Dustin has been taking care of all of our family cars. So many detailers tell you how amazing your car will look after their services and it never looks like what you are expecting. With Dustin, he has been consistently spot on. He takes his time and has my cars looking just as if they came off of the lot. Do I recommend? ABSOLUTELY! Very impressed, five very well deserved stars…Read More

    Juan S.
  2. Highly recommend to everyone

    OCD mobile detailing is by far the epitome of detaialing services. If you own a car of value to you; you’ll value the attention to detail that Dustin puts into his services. Highly recommend to everyone.…Read More

    AmberAlexis Fit
  3. Always great

    Always great, personalized service! And this is one detailer who really knows his stuff and how to problem solve. Highly recommended!…Read More

    David Skelley
  4. Accessible, friendly, very professional

    Dustin and his team did a wonderful job on my Tesla model S red. The one thing that strike about Dustin is how passionate he is about his job and how solid his knowledge when it comes to even the finer details of the science behind the Opti- Coat and its crystal and chemical behavior. The job was well planned and very systematic. He does regular follow up and did help me educate on how to take car…Read More

    Retina RR
  5. Exceeded my expectations

    It’s not often these days that I find someone that has the attention to detail and hard work ethic that makes me a satisfied customer. But Dustin exceeded my expectations and trust me that is hard to do. My car came out immaculate. I work in the car industry and I can tell you that the product he uses works and truly protects paint. The name of his company is such a reflection of the work he doe…Read More

    Josh K.
  6. Like brand new

    I would not hesistate to recommend OCD to family members and acquaintant. Dustin is very knowlegeable and stand by his works. If you ever need to have your car detail, give OCD a try and you won’t disapointed, Dustin will shine your car like brand new again. Highly recommend.…Read More

    Andrew Tran
  7. Extremely thorough

    Working with Dustin at Official California Detailing was amazing. Dustin is great to work with and listen to my wants and presented several options to fit my needs. The process was simple and the detail was extremely thorough. We are really excited to have OCD back on a rotating schedule to keep our vehicles in pristine condition…Read More

    Greg Watts
  8. Amazing level of expertise and respect

    I'm one of those people who don't trust just anyone to do anything with their car. I have high standards and I expect that when my car is in your hands you treat it like your own. Dustin has that mentality, amazing level of expertise and respect. He was quick to reply when I asked about his services as well as schedule the appointment. During the detailing he was in contact with me, asking questio…Read More

    Wade Olson
  9. I highly recommend him

    Yes Dustin work is awesome giving my car that new car smell again!!! I highly recommend him to my customers, friends, and family! Thank you Dustin!!!…Read More

    Jocelyn Mackey
  10. Professional and friendly

    Communication from Dustin in advance of the appointment was excellent. He and his team showed up on time and were polite, professional and friendly. The cars look amazing. Their work was very thorough. Very happy with their service, would definitely use again and recommend…Read More

    Tracey H.