This Metallic Blue Tesla S p85 is brilliant with a fresh application of Optimums Opti-Coat Pro ceramic coating. This 2014 Tesla has seen a decent amount of surface scratches and marring from poor wash habits. Requiring a multi-step compound and polish to restore the paint to factory look and feel.

Starting off with an eco-friendly “Optimum No Rinse” wash, we are able to clean all panels of dirt and debris.

This is then followed by a paint decontamination to rid the clear coat of all contaminants. Even being a brand new or barley used car, most vehicles are often brought in on big carrier ships and stored in rail yards, resulting in a fair amount of iron deposits. Using the technology of Optimum’s chemicals, we can remove all these contaminants with a chemical called FerreX. Optimum’s FerreX is designed to dissolve and remove ferrous oxides from wheels and painted surfaces quickly by bonding and dissolving them away with minimal effort.

Once the clear coat is cleaned, using Optimum Polymer Technologies full line of Detail and Paint reconditioning products, we start to bring the look and feel of the vehicle to its full potential. At OCD we do a minimum of a 2 step Compound & Polish on every vehicle before applying any coatings.

Bringing the paint up to the desired level of quality, we now prep the paint for coating application, using OPT’s Paint Prep we remove all waxes, grease, and dust ensuring the best possible cross link of clear coat and Opti-coat Pro Coatings.

There is a cure time of seven days that the coating must go with out chemicals touching the freshly coated surface. By applying Optimum’s spray sealant “Opti Seal” to every coated vehicle we can help protect the new coating in its curing phase.

OCD gives a free Optimum No Rinse wash to every new coating job we do, as soon as the seven days after applying coatings.

We will demonstrate how to wash and take care of your new coating to stay within your coatings warranty.