Official California Detailing, “OCD” Yes, this is a very clever acronym that plays well within the detailing industry, but being “OCD” is no joking matter when it comes to the way we approach and treat our customers’ cars. We treat every car as our own, and will always put in that extra effort to ensure the best results for our customers.

When it comes to being OCD and detailing cars, to us, this is one in the same. From simple washes and interior details, to meticulous paint corrections and permanent ceramic coatings. Being “OCD” It is in every step that we take to clean and protect your car, motorbike, boats, and toys alike!

Obsession, to us this is not work, to us this is an art form. Every new project that we get the opportunity of working on is like a blank canvas to transform and create our next masterpiece with.

Compulsion, we will always take the proper steps, and use the safest methods, along side state of the art products and tools to insure your car with the absolute best look, feel, and longest life of protection possible.

Deliver, until every step has been taken, every button or knobs polished, every crack or crevasse cleaned. We simply won’t allow your car to be in any other condition, but the absolute best!

Call today, and let us show you how good your car can really look after an appointment with OCD.