This 2016 Midnight Silver metallic Tesla 85 is stunning with a fresh application of Opti-Coat Pro.

Going with the Opti-Coat Pro ceramic coating, this customer will have five years of warranty and protection from the elements.

Opti-Coat is today’s leader in ceramic interior and exterior coatings, and the only US manufactured coating on the market.

OCD starts all of the vehicles that we are coating with an eco-friendly “Optimum No Rinse” wash to rid the exterior of dust and debris. Followed by clay bar and iron remover to fully decontaminate the clear coat of embedded fallout and contaminants.

We then start to compound and/or polish the painted surfaces for best possible look and feel of your car!

On this beautiful Tesla we did a light compound followed by a step of Optimum’s Hyper Polish. This will make sure that we have the best possible look and best cross-link between the factory clear coat and Opti-Coat.

Followed by a preparation step, Optimum’s “Paint Prep” ensures that we have rid all prior greases and wax of the surfaces we are coating.

Once polished and prepped, we then apply coating to all painted and plastic surfaces, as well as wheel faces.

Your fresh coating is resistant to water one hour after application, and seven days for chemical resistance. We then apply Opti-Seal, a spray sealant that will protect the fresh coating in this initial curing phase.

Thirty days after application when the coating has fully hardened, it will have reached it’s full gloss and slickness potential.

OCD always offers a free follow up wash for every new coating customer. Doing so allows us to check our work, and also helps our customers better understand the coating and the proper ways to take care of your new ceramic coating.