The brand new Tesla Model 3 is here. One of today’s newest, most technologically advanced, most sought after cars on the market. Now that you have finally reached the day to get your brand new Tesla delivered. Now how are you going to keep your new investment protected from today’s harsh elements?

Here at OCD we are authorized installers of Opti-Coat Pro permanent ceramic coatings, a true ceramic coating with the technology that’s on par with your new machine of the future.

Opti-Coat Pro ceramic coatings are not only permanent, meaning that you will never have to wax or polish you car again. Pro coatings are warrantied for 3, 5, or 7 years, linked directly to you and your car. Resistant to chemicals, UV rays, bird bombs, bug etching, with superior release and hydrophobic properties.

Every coating application job that we do will include hand washing, iron oxide chemical decontamination, clay bar, one step polish, paint preparation, Opti-Coat applied to all painted and plastic surfaces, and a layer of Optimum’s spray sealant to protect coating in its initial curing phase.

We strive for perfection and will never rush any coating application assuring the best performance and longevity possible!
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