This “Rosso Corsa” 2018 Ferrari F12 TDF is complimented beautifully with a fresh application of Opti-Coat Pro, and an application of Opti Glass Pro Glass coating. Opti-Coat Pro holds a 5 year warranty from date of install on vehicles 5 model years or newer. (2 years for 6-10 model years old, no warranty for over 10 model years old)

By applying these true ceramic coatings to your investments, you are now permanently protected from the harsh conditions and elements your car faces day in and day out . Opti-Coat is fully resistant to chemicals, UV rays, bug, bird droppings, and tar with better gloss, slickness, hydrophobic and release properties than any other wax or sealants on the market.

Starting off all of these coating applications with an eco-friendly Optimum No Rinse hand wash, chemical decontamination and clay bar of all painted areas to insure we are removing all embedded fallout and contaminations from your factory clear coat. This leaves us with the cleanest surface to work with.

Now we can begin to remove all or most of the swirls, scratches, and defects that are in the paint. Using one, two, or three steps of compounding and polishing to remove paint defects. This will set us up for the best overall look and feel, but more importantly the best possible cross-link (bond) and performance of your new coating and factory clear coat.

Once we have the clear coat cleaned and polished to the agreed upon level of clarity is when we will prep the areas for coating application. Optimum’s Paint Prep chemical is preferred for this step. Paint prep will strip all greases, waxes, and fillers from all surfaces we are going to apply the coating to.

One hour after install this coating is fully water resistant. Seven days after install is when you have reached full chemical resistance. Thirty days is when your new coating has reached full cure, with maximum gloss and slickness.

We want to protect your new coating in this “cure phase” . Installing Optimum’s Opti-seal, this will add a sacrificial layer of protection from the harsh elements that your car might face in the beginning stages of curing. Once you have reached the 7-day chemical resistance phase of curing we offer a free inspection wash to all new coating customers.

This allows us to evaluate the work preformed, and also giving us an opportunity to educate you on how to maintain and care for your new Opti-Coat Pro ceramic coating.