This Metallic Blue 2014 BMW X5 is complimented beautifully with a fresh application of Opti-Coat Pro+ Pro+ holds a seven year warranty from date of install. It will add a hard wearing, hydrophobic, UV, bug, sap, tar, bird droppings resistant layer of protection to the vehicle that will preform for 7 plus years

With today’s leader in ceramic coatings applied to your factory clear coat, you will be able to protect your car from any wear and tear from the harsh conditions it will face over the years. Opti-Coat has amazing release properties and more gloss than ever, so you can feel confident owning that dark colored car again.

We started this BMW with our “Optimum No Rinse” wash to rid the panels of all dirt and debris. Clay bar and decontamination steps to follow, which are important steps to help ensure that we have a completely clean panel to then start compounding and/or polishing.
Spending the extra time on these steps to remove these minor defects and any haze in the clear coat with polishing and sometimes a compounding step, will give us the best possible look and feel to lock in for the life of your new ceramic coating More importantly, it will allow for the best possible cross-link of the Opti-Coat and the factory clear coat.

All new coatings are given a free follow up wash seven to fourteen days after install. This allows us to examine our work after the initial curing phase, and also giving us an opportunity to educate you on how to maintain your new coating.

Congratulations for choosing Optimum for your ceramic coating needs!