This 2016 Audi S7 came in after the owner started to notice the paint job was starting to become dull, swirled, and no longer resembling that show room quality paint job. Most vehicle owners are unaware how bad automatic car washes are for your paint job. Owners believe they are spending time, money, and effort to protect and maintain their new investment, when you are actually doing far more damage than good. With carwashes pumping car after car covered in dirt and debris through their washes, the brushes in the wash collect all the dirt and debris, which then scratch and mar other cars paint!

Specializing in paint correction, we were able to bring this Jet Black beauty back to life. We followed up this meticulous correction with a two part ceramic coating called Opti-Coat Pro Plus. This specific coating holds a seven year warranty from date of install on vehicles five model years or newer. (2 year warranty for 6-10 model year old vehicles)

We start off all of our correction, and Opti-Coat projects with a hand wash, full body and wheel chemical decontamination using Optimum’s Ferrex, followed by a clay bar of all painted surfaces. Once we have removed all contaminants from the clear coat, we have a surface that consists of marred paint, swirls, bird poop/bug etching that needs to be removed for best look and feel.

We preform a multi step paint correction and polishing process so that we can remove most to all of these defects. This will set us up for the best possible performance and crosslink of Opti-Coat to the factory clear coat.

Applying the coating properly is a meticulous step, requiring a skilled hand and keen eye. Once we applied your new coating, we will wait no less than one hour to then follow up with an application of Opti-Seal.

These coatings have a seven day curing phase for chemical resistance, this sealant will help protect your car in this first week of curing.

After the seven to fourteen day mark we will invite you in for a free follow up wash, to check our work and teach you how to maintain your brand new coating!!