Wash after wash, year after year we can add swirls, scratches, and defects to the factory clear coat. Automatic car washes, bad wash habits, or pure neglect will start to compromise the clear coat, making it appear very dull and faded!

After 10 plus hours of defect and swirl removal, topped off with an application of today’s leader in ceramic coatings, Opti-Coat Pro+. This 2014 Audi A6 is now looking better than the day it rolled off the factory floor, with far more superior gloss, slickness and protection than any wax or sealants on the market. Pro+ holds a 7 year warranty from the date of install on vehicles 5 model years or newer.

Opti-Coat Pro+ is a hard wearing ceramic clear coat for far superior resistance to scratching (9H) and protection from chemical etching due to environmental impacts. Opti-Coat Pro coatings also have superior release and hydrophobic properties.

We start off all of our new coating applications with an eco friendly Optimum No Rinse hand wash, chemical, and clay decontamination to remove all embedded contaminants from your vehicles clear coat. Once we have stripped all contaminants we may start to correct all or most of the existing swirls and defects from the surface of the paint using one, two, or three step compounding and polishing steps, depending on the current condition of the vehicle. This will create the best over all look and feel, but more importantly, the best possible crosslink (bond) and performance of your new ceramic coating.

After all of our preparation steps of decontamination and paint polishing we want to strip anything off the surface that might interfere with the cross-link process of clear coat and Opti-Coat. We do this with Optimum’s Paint Prep, this will insure that we have removed any greases, solvents, and waxes left on the paint.

With the best possible look and feel, coating is applied to all painted and plastic surfaces including faces of wheels. One hour after install your new coating is resistant to water, seven days for full chemical resistance, and thirty days after install you’ve reached full cure.
We know it is not practical to not use your vehicle for seven days, we also know its not always easy to keep your newly coated car away from chemicals, bird droppings, bugs, or other harsh elements. That’s why we take the steps to protect your coating in the first few weeks of cure time. Optimum’s Opti-Seal is applied to the surface no sooner that one hour after install. This will take any abuse that might come your way.

OCD offers a complimentary wash to all of our new applications, this gives us a great opportunity to evaluate our work, and educate you on how to maintain your brand new Opti-Coat ceramic coating!